Poker & Free Poker Money (Bonuses)

Most poker rooms offer welcome bonuses and other bonuses that in a way is free money. These bonuses are however almost always associated with rules and conditions. These conditions can vary between different poker rooms and you should therefore always read the fine print before you decide to go after the free poker money that a bonus offers. On this site you can read about the free poker money, aka poker bonuses that you can find at different poker rooms. Simple visit our poker pages to learn more about bonuses or read more about poker in general below. is also a great guide for poker online.

Poker comes in many different varieties, including popular variants such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Five Card Draw, Americana and Sökö. Today, Texas Hold'em and Omaha are the most commonly played poker variants world wide, online as well as offline. They are however a fairly recent addition to the international gambling scene and Texas Hold'em was for instance not offered in Las Vegas casinos until the late 1960s.

During the early days of poker it was always played as a cash game, but nowadays tournament play is highly popular as well. Cash games, also known as ring games, are games where you arrive to the poker table and play as long as you wish to, e.g. until you get bored or run out of cash. You will typically need a set sum of money to buy in to the table but is free to refill your stack as you please throughout the game. Informal cash games may even use coins, bills and other valuable objects instead of casino chips. You have probably heard plenty of stories about how gold diggers played poker using nuggets and gold dust in the Wild West, or read tales about high stakes players wagering everything from house deeds and luxury cars to gold watches and precious stones on a single hand of poker.

Tournament play has gone through an amazing boom in recent years due to several factors. New technology has made it possible for broadcasters to show their viewers the hole cards of each player at a table, something which makes televised poker – including poker tournaments – much more interesting to watch. Simultaneously, the advent of online poker rooms has made it possible for players around the globe to participate in the same poker tournament even though they might be located hundreds of miles a part. You are no longer limited by how many poker tournament players that happen to live in your particular town.

Tournaments come in a variety of flavors. Some attract thousands of players and can go on for several days, while others consist of a single table. So called Sit & Go-tournaments are very popular online. They are not scheduled to start at any particular date and time. Instead, they start as soon as enough people have arrived to the table. There is normally room for six, eight or ten players in a Sit & Go, but some poker rooms also offer heads-up Sit & Go's where two players fight head to head.

In cash games as well as in tournaments, there is a big difference between no limit poker, fixed limit poker and pot limit poker. In no limit poker, there is no max bet. If your stack happens to contain $1 million you can opt to to wager it on a single hand. In fixed limit poker, you bet according to preset intervals. In pot limit poker, the maximum bet is (to put it simple) determined by the size of the pot according to a specific set of rules.